National Bank of Egypt's Seamless Migration and Disaster Recovery Enhancement

Project Details

Project Team:
  •  WebSphere application server Engineers
  • Massage Queues Engineers

national bank of egypt





  • WebSphere application server (WAS)
  •  Massaging Queues (MQ)
Customer Pain point

NBE was experiencing several challenges with their existing IBM MQ server on the Z system:

  • High Operational Costs: The Z system’s maintenance and licensing costs were high, putting a strain on the bank’s IT budget.
  • Scalability Issues: As transaction volumes increased, the Z system struggled to scale efficiently, causing performance bottlenecks.
  • Flexibility Constraints: The legacy system lacked the flexibility needed to quickly integrate modern technologies and adapt to evolving business requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery Vulnerabilities: The existing DR setup was inadequate, posing risks of prolonged downtime and data loss during system failures or disasters.

To address these pain points, NBE needed to migrate its IBM MQ server to a more cost-effective, scalable, and flexible AIX platform while also establishing a robust DR environment. The project involved setting up three different MQ environments: Production (Prod), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Disaster Recovery (DR). Key challenges included

  • Complex Migration Process: Ensuring a seamless transition of configurations and data from the Z system to AIX without service disruption.
  • Minimizing Downtime: Reducing downtime during the migration to avoid interrupting banking operations.
  • Ensuring Configuration Integrity: Maintaining the accuracy and functionality of configurations in the new environment.
  • DR Environment Preparation: Setting up a robust DR environment with real-time replication and automated recovery processes.
solution brief
  • Installing IBM MQ
  • Installing IBM WebSphere application server on all the servers with High availability (Active configuration on multiple serve clusters.
  • Installing IHS and configuring load balancing with SSL connection.
  • Deploy two applications.
  • Provide fault tolerance solution (Active-Passive) for MQ
  • Support the bank team in moving to production.  
  • Automate service lunching for different activities
  • Support the bank team in moving to DR

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