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We Can Take Your Business To The Next Level.

At TECH-HUB we strive to be the premier IT technical services provider in the MEA region acting as an incubator, we are dedicated to producing a young cadre of technical professionals able to serve our associates through delivering efficient and effective IT Technical services.

We believe in the importance of client engagement. We keep our clients constantly involved in the process, whether by selecting and motivating the team members or by step-by-step direct contact with us, benefiting from a transparent workflow and a flexible engagement contract.

Innovative Solutions

Dedicated Partnerships and Customized Services.

We partner with the world’s leading companies to innovate the talent solutions of tomorrow; we believe in dedicated partnerships and customized services. An expert Team approach is the core of our business. We direct our experience creativity and innovative services to meet the rapid changes in the business environment and facilitate productivity enhancements. Through our process, we carefully analyze the long-term needs of our clients, based on which a fully dedicated team of experts is assigned the project.

Creative Ideas

Innovating talent solutions.

Team Approach

Core of our business.


Meeting business changes.


Assigning expert teams.

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our Mission

Seamless Solutions, Talented Partnerships

Contract Providing the best solutions for our clients and implementing them smoothly and seamlessly.

This is granted by the partnership with world-leading companies and having a very talented staff, from consultancy level to talented and motivated junior system engineers

our vision

Pioneering a Seamless Community

Our vision extends beyond the horizon of technological possibilities. We strive to establish a seamless digital transformation community where innovation and collaboration thrive. By fostering an environment of continuous evolution, we aim to redefine the landscape of digital experiences and set new standards for excellence. Our commitment lies in leading the way towards a future where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of life, creating a connected and transformative community.


Producing great quality is what differentiates the best from the rest.


Punctuality, accuracy, and reliability are all imperative for the successful execution of our projects.


We strive to create an empowering environment for our employees.


The cornerstone for any successful relationship.


A place where you would want to come to grow.


Continuously seeking new ideas and approaches to drive progress and stay ahead of the curve.

Leadership Teams

Our Leadership Teams

1. Expertise in IBM Integration:

⦿ Our team specializes in IBM Integration solutions, encompassing a deep understanding of various IBM integration technologies and platforms.
⦿ We are well-versed in leveraging IBM's suite of integration tools to streamline processes, enhance connectivity, and drive business transformation.
⦿ Our team has mastered IBM Integration technologies, enabling us to deliver efficient and effective integration solutions tailored to our clients' needs.
⦿ We continuously stay updated with the latest advancements in IBM Integration to ensure that our solutions remain cutting-edge and deliver maximum value.

2. Strong Data Engineer Team:

⦿ Our data engineer team comprises skilled professional’s adept at handling diverse data engineering tasks.
⦿ We possess the capability to architect data solutions agnostically for all platforms, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance across different environments.

3. Middleware & Support Expertise:

⦿ Our middleware and support team excels in resolving complex issues and providing Level 3 support for IBM integration solutions.
⦿ With a robust support framework in place, we ensure the smooth operation of IBM integration systems, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

4 Automation capability team:

⦿ Our automation team is proficient in developing and implementing automation solutions across various aspects of IBM integration and beyond.
⦿ By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows, we help organizations enhance efficiency, reduce manual effort, and accelerate time-to-market.

5 Cloud Expertise:

⦿ Our dedicated cloud team possesses deep expertise in cloud technologies, including IBM Cloud offerings.
⦿ We leverage cloud infrastructure to enhance scalability, flexibility, and accessibility, enabling organizations to harness the power of cloud computing for their integration needs.

+202 25165746 – +202 25165744

Egypt: 3 Road 262 New Maadi, Gazeyer Sqr, Cairo-Egypt, P.O. 11431

UAE: Office number 2510-14, 25th Floor, The Citadel Tower, Business Bay, Dubai-U.A.E