Courier management system

courier management system
Revolutionizing Delivery Services

Efficiency, Cost-Effectiveness, Precision.

Online shopping is turned to be primary channel for almost all markets now, and based on that a very high demend on delivery services is required. The successful delivery service needs to reduce their costs to provide competetive services. To achieve that Courier companies need to control their sales and operation teams in a very accurate way. In addition, the fleet management is also a very critical factor in this kind of services.

Cloud-Powered Courier Management

Seamless Solutions for Rapid Scaling.

Our Courier management system is a unique solution for courier companies that provide all the above features in a very easy to use functionalities. It is born on cloud solution that is based on micro-services technologies to support scaling up needs in seconds.

courier management system
Modular Harmony for Courier Solutions

Our Courier Hub

The solution consists of multiple modules that integrates together in a seamless way. The following modules are the main components of the solution, but customization may also available to provide the service for all sizes of courier companies:

Back-end Platform

To manage all the internal operations.

Customer App (Android)

As a customer front end to request, track and manage his deliveries.

Customer App (iOS

Same as previous but on Apple platform.

Courier App

An Android solution for the runner.

Receiving Area App

A special solution for managing goods in the company hubs.

Client Portal

To allow the clients to manage their contracts and its execution.

Integration APIs

to allow integration with any external solution.

Analytics portal

To provide 360 view of all the business activities.