Preparation of the environments and establishment of enterprise service bus

Project Details

Project Team:
  • Windows and Network Admin
  • 1 Storage System Eng.
  • 1 WAS resource
  • 1 MQ resource
  • 1 IIB Admin resource
  • 1IIB Admin
  • 1 Integration Consultant
  • 2 IIB developers
  • floating resources
  • 1 WAS and MQ
  • 1 IIB developer

Sahara Bank of Libya





  • Windows
  • Storage System
  • WAS
  • MQ
  • IIB
  • Integration
The Sahara Bank of Libya project consists of two phases and a support contract. Phase one includes the following:
  • Prerequisite checking for the hardware and networking settings.
  • Windows server environment tuning.
  • Storage preparation for the different environments.
  • Configuring WAS for the core banking solution and other services.
  • Automate service lunching for different activities.
  • Configure IIB to be ready for future integration requirements.
Phase two scope focused on special bank services including:
  • SMS banking services.
  • SWIFT services.
  • RTGS/ ACH services.
  • ECC service.
  • Online banking services.
  • ATM services
solution brief

Tech-Hub also provided special features in its solution to provide some extra control for the bank admin to manage the service follows. These services include:

  • Provide fault tolerance solution (Active-Passive) for IIB server.
  • Preparing all the UAT scenarios for all the installations and configurations.
  • Support the bank team in moving to production
  • Installing IBM WebSphere application server on all the servers of three environments (10 servers), with High availability (Active-Active) configuration on multiple server clusters.
  • Installing IBM MQ on the five environment servers (more than 5 servers).
  • Creating the required channel managers.
  • Creating all the required queues for the different applications.
  • Provide fault tolerance solution (Active-Passive) for MQ server.
  • Installing IBM IIB server on three environments.
  • Archiving all the messages for the different services to offer auditing at any time.
  • Providing journal logs to track the activities the sensitive transactions.
  • Convert the IIB and MQ installation into a cluster environment to provide high availability.
  • Migration of MQ and IIB Deployments to the new environment
  • Facilitating all services for Sahara bank required creating a queue manager and special queues for each service. The service also required creating IIB packages for protocol
  • transformation between the core banking system and the service providers.

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