Tech-Hub partnership with IBM, Microsoft, and Red Hat allows us to provide you the best cloud solution that fits with your need. We provide all kind of service as:

• Infrastructure as a Service IaaS

We provide a variety of solutions starting from bare metal infrastructure that provides the best performance for the cloud experience to shared resources solutions that provide the best price cloud experience.

• Platform as a Service PaaS

These services eliminate all the overhead of maintaining the platform and allows you to focus on your core business. This service also provides virtualization and containerization services that make scaling much easier than before.

• Software as a Service SaaS

With a huge amount of service that covers all the needs from office automation to AI solutions, our SaaS services use all the add-on services of IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google SaaS services. In addition to all the above, we also have good experience in Integration as a service and Automation as a service and all ‘X’aaS paradigm.

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