Migrating IBM MQ server from Z system to AIX & migrating all the configurations

Project Details

Project Team:
  • 2 WAS Engineers
  • 2 MQ Engineers

national bank of egypt





  • WAS
  • MQ (Massaging Queue

The project entailed preparing the disaster recovery (DR) environment for NBE, encompassing several tasks such as:

  • Verifying prerequisites for hardware and networking configurations.
  • Tuning the AIX environment for optimal performance.
  • Implementing automation for launching various services

Additionally, the project aimed to set up three distinct MQ environments (Production, User Acceptance Testing, and Disaster Recovery) for NBE, involving the following activities

  • Migrating MQ configurations from the legacy Mainframe infrastructure to AIX servers.
  • Configuring the MQ web console for streamlined management and monitoring purposes..
solution brief
  • Installing IBM MQ
  • Installing IBM WebSphere application server on all the servers with High availability (Active configuration on multiple serve clusters.
  • Installing IHS and configuring load balancing with SSL connection.
  • Deploy two applications.
  • Provide fault tolerance solution (Active-Passive) for MQ
  • Support the bank team in moving to production.  
  • Automate service lunching for different activities
  • Support the bank team in moving to DR

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