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IBM® Integration Bus installation & configuration services



IBM® Integration Bus is a market-leading enterprise integration engine that offers a fast, simple way for systems and applications to communicate with each other. As a result, it can help you achieve business value, reduce IT complexity and save money.

IBM Integration Bus supports a range of integration choices, skills and interfaces to optimize the value of existing technology investments. It provides the ability to perform business transaction monitoring (BTM) and is a vital platform for the API economy and analytics. IBM Integration Bus enables you to connect existing systems to mobile and cloud environments, helping you create a hybrid integration platform.


Benefits of IBM Integration Bus

·            Utilize robust capabilities to address diverse integration requirements to meet the needs of any size project.

·            Help your entire organization make smarter business decisions by providing rapid access, visibility and control over data as it flows through your business applications and systems.

·            Connect throughout an array of heterogeneous applications and web services, removing the need for complex point-to-point connectivity.

·            Provide extensive support for Microsoft applications and services to make the most of your existing Microsoft .NET skills and software investment.

·            Deliver a standardized, simplified and flexible integration foundation to help you more quickly and easily support business needs and scale with business growth.


IBM® Integration Bus is supported on the following operating systems:

·            AIX 

·            HP 

·            Linux 

·            Solaris 

·            Windows 

·            z/OS 


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