The new IBM Cloud Pak model is, at its core, a new way of bundling and buying IBM software. In this model, you can trade up your existing parts and keep all your current bundled entitlements (combining several products to a single part number in many cases) and gain access to a new bundled entitlement for Red Hat OpenShift. In addition, there are certain new capabilities and features only available in the

Cloud Pak licensing model and this is especially important to note for the Automation space.

• Cloud Pak for Automation includes the legacy core of the Automation platform:
• FileNet Content Manager
• Operational Decision Manager
• Business Automation Workflow (the merged Case and BPM offering)
• Datacap
• Enterprise Records
• Content Collector
• It also includes several new capabilities, only available with the Cloud Pak:
• Content Manager and Operational Decision Manager Kubernetes/OpenShift Deployment
• Business Automation Content Analyzer
• Automation Digital Worker
• Automation Workstream Services
• Business Automation Insight
• Business Automation Studio
• Business Automation Application Designer
• These new capabilities enable new pathways for low-code application design and work management.