As Tech-Hub is a partner with the Multi Vendors. such as "IBM,Microsoft, and Red hat world’s leading companies to innovate the talent
solutions of tomorrow
Tech-Hub wanted to get a chance for the fresh graduates to be involved in the Information Technology marketing needs Tech-Hub Provides technologies very Rare and unparalleled in the markets. the people who give the knowledge and information are experts
in their respective fields all of our instructors are carefully selected from leading technology companies and universities for their
comprehensive knowledge and experience of the subject matter they teach and have a high seniority level. They have a summary of practical
experience as they have the knowledge for the main pain for the solution based on the technology. The teams who finished the academy have a big
chance to join with real projects most like the projects in the market We choose our team very carefully so we select people who have the
ability to learn and have the high skills to learn Our mission is to provide technology professionals with relevant and up-to-date technical skills and knowledge in order to significantly enhance their productivity and increase the competitive advantage of their employers. Our relation is not stopped with our resources after they finished their batch, we still have our experts in the future even
they work outside our company.
Our technical Academy provides renewable of graduated resources with
proven technical skills such as :
•Middleware and Integration
•Digital Business Automation