E-Banking Omni Channel

Our Omni-Channel e-banking service facilitates the banks and micro-finance entities to connect their core-banking system with all the external channels with very low code development provides the customer with the minimum time to go to market. As a managed service, we provide a clear SLA for the customer, with a defined KPI’s. This SLA also ensures the customer with continuous integration and continuous development with the latest DevOps services.

Our E-Banking Omni Channel solution provides a unified service bus for the Banking and Micro-Finance sector. It includes most of the finance and security services that are needed to integrate Core Banking with all other banking channels and products. It also provides the main services for communication with Central banks. The solution also provides all the governance rules for the banking sector

  • Multi channels like ATM, SMS, Mobile Banking, and E-Banking
  • All debit and Credit cards services
  • Corporate banking services
  • SWIFT implementation with Zero Code facilities.
  • Central Bank governance channels like ACH, RTGS.
  • ECC for electronic check clearance. 

Correspondence management system

Correspondence Management System is used to track all the incoming, outgoing, and internal Correspondence of an organization and make them available to all application users according to their roles and access. Correspondence management is the process of receiving, recording/logging, appropriately processing and responding to, and creating an audit trail of correspondence received. The Correspondence Management system provides an electronic means of storing, retrieving, and routing correspondence for review and approval.

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  • Register incoming, internal and outgoing correspondences with attached documents.
  • Link different correspondences with each other.
  • User Management – Add groups and add users to groups.
  • Adhering to strict security – securing the contents & information with very tight encryption.
  • Route communications to a group or department or a user to work on it and provide their responses. These users can further send to other groups/users for the actions.
  • Advanced searching capability.
  • Set Reminders to respond to a certain correspondence.
  • View historical correspondences and actions that were performed on them.
  • Automatic notification whenever a new correspondence is created and responded to.
  • Mobile interface available when needed.
  • Notes and comments that can be used as a mechanism of conversation between the users. This could allow them to interact in order to ask questions, or gather more information etc. The interactive communication module can greatly assist the user and the administrator to collaborate.
  • Support for QR and Barcode.
  • Category and Sub-Category Management. Assign categories to correspondences.
  • Applying bulk actions to delete, archive and complete.
  • A Comprehensive Dashboard that shows different reports in pictorial form.
  • eSignatures for Approval. Also users can bulk sign documents.
  • Multi-Lingual – Supports Arabic and English.


Bottled Water Delivery Application

It is simple and easy to use mobile app service to get drinking water delivered at your doorstep with a click. The application is customizable to be used with any water distribution company.

Do you Suffers from

  • Often you are stuck in calling your waterman to deliver water?
  • Did you get tired of chasing him for the drinking water of your choice?
  • You just got home from your travel, and you need water?

Your worries are gone; just use our application to fulfill your drinking water needs.

We don’t own a water plant, nor are we water

Delivery Company. We are the connectors.

You need drinking water at your doorstep, but never know which of the nearest water delivery company has the water of your brand and choice?
It is simple now with our solution that connects you to the nearest water delivery company/ water vehicle for your water needs. And we ensure smooth delivery with our navigation features.


Courier management system

Online shopping is turned to be primary channel for almost all markets now, and based on that a very high demend on delivery services is required. The successful delivery service needs to reduce their costs to provide competetive services. To achieve that Courier companies need to control their sales and operation teams in a very accurate way. In addition, the fleet management is also a very critical factor in this kind of services.

Our Courier management system is a unique solution for courier companies that provide all the above features in a very easy to use functionalities. It is born on cloud solution that is based on micro-services technologies to support scaling up needs in seconds.

The solution consists of multiple modules that integrates together in a seamless way. The following modules are the main components of the solution, but customization may also available to provide the service for all sizes of courier companies:

  • Back-end Platform: to manage all the internal operations.
  • Customer App (Android): as a customer front end to request, track and manage his deliveries.
  • Customer App (iOS): same as above on Apple platform.
  • Courier App: An Android solution for the runner.
  • Receiving Area App: a special solution for managing goods in the company hubs.
  • Client Portal: to allow the clients to manage their contracts and its execution.
  • Integration APIs: to allow integration with any external solution.

Analytics portal: To provide 360 view of all the business activities


FMCG Sales Automation Application

Comprehensive solution to connect FMCG outlets “Clients” with FMCG Distribution companies “Vendor” with the internal departments “HQ, Sales, Receiving area, Drivers & collectors”.

Thousands of distributed transactions

Often you are aiming to fast fulfilling FMCG requests?

Did you get tired of chasing Collectors for collecting payments?

Did you get tired of chasing Drivers over business trips?

Your worries are gone;

just use our application to fulfill your business needs.

FMCG Company. We are the connectors.

Secures smooth connections between all parties of FMCG’s companies.

Procure To Pay

The procure-to-pay (P2P) process starts when goods or services are required and ends with payment for said goods and services. The process is essential to keeping things running smoothly

Unifying Systems and Processes

Hard to have a single and integrated source of accurate data for supplier and business data.

The silos create inefficient processes that are error-prone and manual, such as handling everything on paper invoices, which ends up costing the organization more money in additional labor costs

Lack of Governance and Compliance

Governance and compliance of procurement processes tend to be inflexible. The key principle of spend preapproval is often viewed as unwanted, which results in non-contracted spending and ad-hoc purchases

PO exchange leaves an opportunity for error and misplacement

Paper processes fail to consider the impact on the employees who must go around getting approval signatures from one or more people.

Because of how many hands the papers must go through.

The process takes time and costs more money

Spaghetti POs

All purchase orders almost are not in one place, this becomes an unclear authority on company spending. And this leads to more blurry views when that is also connected to company cards and expense claims.

The Automation of the Procure-to-Pay Process

A strategic and well-planned P2P process automation has the capacity to:

 Increase spend visibility.

Improve control measures.

Cut back on costs.

Digitize and centralize P2P from the start

Instead of manually filling out paper purchase reports, scanning them or entering the data by hand, and then emailing them to those responsible around the company