On the road to digital transformation, every organization seeks to move faster than before. But going fast without the right approach, guided by real-world operational data, has caused 70% of digital transformations to fail. A new approach, with automation and continuous improvement fed by AI algorithms, is required.


Systems are mostly working in segregated environment following up hardcoded predefined business rules upon each solution POV. But, as long digital era explodes, the need for complete the data formation from several systems to conclude the complete inputs in front of the decisions` maker to monitor with eagle-eye view, on –top of all systems in same view.


Integration’s capabilities are touching most for customer needs’ of integrations scenarios & use cases.

Building Enterprise Service Bus ESB, is the ultimate solution for all enterprises. If this is also supported with API`s manager, and API`s gateway, then all the enterprise services is now ready to be shaped on multiple IT channels with a very simple way.

In addition, this also get the enterprise ready for micro services technologies, where you don’t need to build everything from scratch every time, but you will have your own micro service repository as one of your IT assets.

File-transfer also was on focus of integrations capabilities, helping huge data size businesses to transfer terabytes smoothly between business stakeholders, secure & safe.


We are partners for biggest technology partners in the field.

The customer has variety to select between implementing his solution with his proper technology stack.

Varied happy customers & use cases on each technology stack.

Certified team is handling customer projects & request aiming to raise customer resiliency & stability.


Integration can work between on-prim & on private cloud, on public cloud, on hyper environment.


Our certified team has huge experience on the following technologies:

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides an automated and closed-loop lifecycle across multiple styles of integration. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, companies can speed integration development by 300%, reduce costs by more than 33% and maintain enhanced security, governance and availability.

  • IBM MQ
  • IBM App Connect
  • IBM API Connect
  • IBM DataPower
  • IBM Aspera HSTS
  • IBM Event Streams