IBM Planning Analytics

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IBM Planning Analytics

Automate and unify integrated business planning across your organization. Turn AI-driven predictions into actions.

IBM Planning Analytics is an AI-infused integrated business planning solution that turns raw data into actionable insightsز

Predict outcomes with flexible and AI-infused forecasting. Analyze large-scale and fine-grain what-if scenarios in real-time so you can pivot quickly. Deploy as you need — on-premises or on cloud, including as a service on AWS ( link resides outside

With IBM Planning Analytics’ data integration capabilities, access data from multiple sources via an intuitive web interface or familiar Excel spreadsheets. Its in-memory database (TM1) analyzes big data fast to give real-time insights.


Why IBM Planning Analytics?

Understand profitability

Break down profitability streams into fine detail. Turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

Anticipate outcomes

Leverage built-in AI capabilities and 'what-if' scenarios to forecast faster and with greater accuracy.

Unlock collaboration

The easy-to-use platform guides your team through planning and automating workflows, enhancing collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits:

Fine-grain data analysis

Real-time multidimensional analysis of massive amounts of data down to SKU product level.

Embedded AI

Built-in AI advanced forecasting, with upcoming Gen AI capabilities enhancing accuracy and predictive insights.

Built-in reporting

Generate, customize, and share insightful reports directly within the platform, without exporting data to other tools.

Pre-built applications for planning

Accelerate planning with pre-built apps for financial, demand, workforce, and IT project planning.

Familiar Excel interface

All spreadsheet functionality but with added governance and control. Any adjustments can be applied in real-time to all views.

Intuitive web interface

Powerful data visualization capabilities with advanced planning and forecasting functionalities.

IBM Planning Analytics offers APIs and ODATA that allow you to develop custom integrations for connectivity and data interchange between systems.

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